Human hair is one of the best raw material products for the making of hair extension one of the main reason being it is natural in texture thus giving you a natural look onto your head when you wear them. Their sources comes from one way and that is obtained directly from the hair cut of the donour. So what is important here is to know the characteristics and advantage if you are looking to purchase a new hair extensions and which type of hair source be fit for you.

We start with one of the most famous hair; The Indian Hair. Now these hair are quite famous for their voluminous locks.

  1. Indian Hair are thick and with this thickness they are durable as well as flexible. Hence you can attain any hair style you wanted to as it will give you a natural and beautiful look once worn on your head. Because of the durability one can say that it can last for more than year when maintained properly.
  2. Most of the Indian Hair is black in colour from origin and thus this makes it good for women with wheatish skin as it blends with their colour giving it a gorgeous as well as a dazzling look.
  3. With their durability they are also smooth and do not tangle very easily among each hair strands.
  4. Most of the Indian hair are donated by women in temple as a ritual to purify themselves.
  5. The best was to understand whether it is an Indian Human hair or not is easily understood if the hair is given a wash twice. If the hair has lost the characteristic of being smooth and the texture becomes rough then consider it not to be a true Indian Human hair.

The next one would be Brazilian hair and their characteristics.

  1. Brazilian hair have a high hair density and thus it is a bit heavy compared to the. It is as well rough in texture.
  2. You can avail this hair in nearly every style you wanted. Be it curly, natural straight or even wavy. One can attain the style at their own choice.
  3. Because of their wide variety of dark brown to black shades it is best suited for women who has a dusky skin which would thus give the women an attractive and exquisite look.

Last for our content would be Peruvian hair.

  1. They have a texture closely being to Afro-Caribbean which is thus generally acknowledged to be highly resistant to Sun and heat damage.
  2. Just like Brazilian Hair, it can attain curly, natural straight as well as wavy hair.
  3. Even though from it’s look you can say that it has a voluminous appearance it is in actual light in terms of weight.
  4. They can be used for various purposes and are also populous for their supple nutritious texture.

We at Western Traders have been catering our services of providing durable and high grade quality of hair extension products to the customers. Our engagement in this sector of fashion and lifestyle we know that it has become an integral part of our life and we thus implore to seek more about our customers changing demand pattern.

We know that human hair is what gives people a distinct characteristic which uplifts their recognition in the society and thus we focus our job in manufacturing high grade hair extension products that are priced reasonably. You can reach out to us at to know more about the source of hair extensions and their use as we help you know which hair extension is best suited for you as well as for which purpose.

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